Saturday, July 23, 2016


To my knowledge, this 1938 Argosy is the only cover appearance of Frank Richardson Pierce's No-Shirt McGee, presuming that he's the man selling tickets. The Yukon sourdough, created in 1937, became a popular character who continued into World War II in Short Stories after Argosy's collapse and transformation, but as an old-timer who was more a fount of wisdom than anything else in present-day stories he wasn't really the ideal cover subject. He's supported here by Murray Leinster's story "Board Fence," Allan Vaughan Elston's "Trade Winds" and the second installment of Frederick C. Painton's The Invasion of America. Serials by Norbert Davis and Eric North continue, while one Robert L. Blake makes his sole Argosy appearance with "Romance on Rye." Blake may have been one of the other contributors in the customary disguise for a second story, however.

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