Sunday, July 3, 2016



By coincidence, just a week ago I picked up a snazzy vintage paperback edition of Luke Short's King Colt, which premiered in this 1937 Argosy, at one of the local bookstores. You can still find little treasures like these at decent prices in a lot of places. This one cost me two bucks plus tax:

Some of the Argosy chapters are floating around the internet somewhere and what I've read of the story was pretty good, so I look forward to the complete package. While Short headlines, this issue also sports novelettes by Richard Wormser and Owen Atkinson, the latter a war specialist I haven't encountered before, and shorts by William Chamberlain, Foster-Harris (one of his comical Mr. Weeble series), Richard Howells Watkins and fast-rising Cornell Woolrich, who had a novelette in Detective Fiction Weekly this same week. Eustace L. Adams continues his serial The Big Wind Blows and George Challis concludes The Smoking Land, apparently Frederick Faust's final utterance under that name. Again, a pretty good lineup from late in the venerable weekly's peak period.

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