Monday, July 25, 2016


I'd pick up this 1941 Short Stories if I had a chance because it boasts novelettes by Robert Carse and Frederick C. Painton. The other novelette is a western by George Armin Shaftel, while it's hard to tell what genre William R. Cox's "A Time and a Place" belongs to. Cox was just beginning to get western stories published but he was already established as a detective and sports-story writer and would continue writing sports stories for as long as sports pulps were published. Frank Gruber continues his serial The Navy Colt while Edward Daly contributes the tantalizing "Valley of the Devil Worshippers." You can add B. E. Cook (a sea story), Clay Perry and Lawrence Treat into the mix. With Carse and Painton up front I'd be willing to take a chance on the rest.


  1. Weird. As soon as I posted the comment, the image began loading. I must have been looking at the page the same time as you were posting.