Friday, July 8, 2016


How's this for an all-star issue of Adventure? Harold Lamb and Talbot Mundy are back from the previous issue (June 23, 1926) and while Arthur D. Howden-Smith doesn't join them we do get Georges Surdez, W. C. Tuttle with a Hashknife Hartley story, Ernest Haycox and Thomson Burtis. Burtis isn't a big deal to me but he was clearly one of Adventure's more popular writers, given how often he turned up. He specialized in aerial crimefighting stories, featuring Slim X. Evans, Tex MacDowell and other recurring characters. I've read a few of them and haven't really liked them; perhaps they're a little too goody-goody for my taste. Additional stories are contributed by Bill Adams, Lewis J. Rendel, Edward Shenton and Raymond W. Thorp. "Words" was Thorp's only work of fiction in Adventure after a handful of nonfiction pieces. Leonard H. Nason and Eugene Cunningham have nonfiction pieces this issue, which may strike you as wastes of talent. No matter: there are enough big guns firing in this one to make it an issue worth having if you can get it.

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