Thursday, July 21, 2016


Here's proof that crime is an unhealthy lifestyle. This pathetic specimen, as rendered by C. Calvert for Detective Fiction Weekly, is looking particularly green about the gills as he tries to peek at your newspaper to see what story he's appearing in. "The Eye in the Wall" is the last appearance of Frederick C. Davis's Show-Me McGee, who managed eight stories in less than a year but clearly lacked staying power. Meanwhile, a new series character, Charles Alexander's Sergeant McChesney, is making his debut, according to the FictionMags Index. According to that reference, McChesney returned on October 27, but did not appear again until February 1936, and then not again until January 1938. But as I know from my study of Bellow Bill Williams, the Index remains a work in progress and there may be as-yet unindexed McChesney stories in the intervening months. In any event, Alexander kept at it until at least April 1939. Max Brand continues his serial Cross Over Nine this issue, while Laurence Donovan, Foster Drake, George Alden Edson, Leslie McFarlane and Ernest M. Poate contribute short stories. It's not the most elite selection, but on the other hand I don't know most of these writers to judge them, so who knows?

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