Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pulp Reading: ARGOSY, APRIL 17, 1937, COMPLETE

It took long enough, but here, finally, is the complete scan of Argosy for April 17, 1937, the issue that provides the wallpaper for this blog. Some of you have already sampled the cover story, Donald Barr Chidsey's "Graveyard of the Gods," which I uploaded last month. Here's a reminder of what else you'll be getting this time:

I plan to move forward with the following issue, for April 24, which will complete Joel Townsley Rogers' "Locusts from Asia" and give you more of the other two very good serials. Along with "Graveyard," the Adams and Radcliffe serials and Albert Richard Wetjen's "Madness of Captain Jonas" are the highlights of this issue, but once you've read all the stories you can rank them however you see fit. The fun begins when you click the link below to download this vintage issue of the venerable weekly:

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