Saturday, August 27, 2016


There's nothing special about this 1938 Argosy cover, though I like the giant ghostly head motif, but this issue is noteworthy because, though the author of Lost House isn't identified up front, the serial makes this a rare non-romance pulp headlined by a story written by a woman. In fact, it's Frances Shelley Wees' only contribution to pulp fiction. She had established herself as a mystery novelist earlier in the decade and would continue publishing books for decades more. I actually have this issue in my collection, but it's a little on the ratty side so I didn't want to subject it to scanning. The reason I have it is that it has the second part (of three) of Donald Barr Chidsey's Midas of the Mountains. Last week's issue had a nice Rudolph Belarski cover, but I felt another Aug. 20 magazine had more historical significance. Anyway, along with Wees and Chidsey this issue features a Handsled Burke novelette by C. F. Kearns -- and those are usually pretty good -- and a novelette by Robert E. Pinkerton, along with stories by John Randolph Philips, Howard Rigsby and Richard Howells Watkins, and the latest installment of Bennett Foster's western Cut Loose Your Wolf. Next Saturday you'll see my copy of the next 1938 issue, which sends Frederick C. Painton's Dan Harden to Syria....

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