Friday, November 11, 2016


Emmett Watson makes a valiant effort to make the most of a copy-heavy 1939 Detective Fiction Weekly cover with that red curtain effect, but it still leaves you guessing what exactly the man with the gun is meant to illustrate. Is he the "sinister genius at war with humanity" in Carroll John Daly's new serial? If so, is he Mr. Sinister or did Daly not mean his title to be the villain's actual name? One way or the other, Daly liked the sound of the name -- or some pulp editors did -- and it would be used again as the title of one of his Satan Hall stories in 1944, generations before the name became identified with an X-Men comics villain. Meanwhile, William Brandon's Maggie and Ulysses apparently have made enough of an impression on readers since their debut in June to warrant a mention on that crowded cover. Hugh B. Cave, Norbert Davis and Walter Ripperger are worthy of mention, too, but Wyatt S. Blassingame and Bert Collier are not. They're shunted off with the nonfiction writers, columnists and cartoonist Stookie Allen in this issues "many others."

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