Thursday, November 17, 2016


Ralph Milne Farley made his name at Argosy for a series of science-fiction serials known as the "Radio Man" series, each story being The Radio This or The Radio That. The Immortals is more of a sci fi-horror story about sinister means of prolonging life. Farley's manuscript for this serial reportedly was stolen but later returned to him. Interestingly, Farley's other main venue in this period was True Gang Life. The other highlights of this 1934 issue are a Mme. Storey novelette by Hulbert Footner, a deep sea diving tale by Gordon MacCreagh, and the conclusions of serials by F. V. W. Mason and Max Brand.I may have more to say about The Immortals on the next two Thursdays, but I'll definitely have something to say about the November 24 and December 1 issues. Stay tuned.

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