Thursday, November 3, 2016


This 1934 Argosy calls Robert Carse's Land of the Sword a "complete novel." At 39 pages the label is questionable but at that time Argosy could cram a lot of content into 144 pages by varying the font sizes for each story. In any event, it's Robert Carse and a nearly 40 page dose of his pulp work may be as good as other people's novels. It looks like the Muslims will be the bad guys in this one, but Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, better known to history as Kemal Ataturk, is cartoonist Stookie Allen's Man of Daring for this week for some balance. Max Brand continues Scourge of the Rio Grande, George F. Worts continues his Gillian Hazeltine serial The Mystery of the Five Bald Men, and Borden Chase and Edward Doherty conclude East River, while Anthony Rud  contributes the novelette "The Stained Tabu" and James Stevens (profiled in "Men Who Make the Argosy") and Capt William Outerson contribute short stories.  "The Weakest" was Outerson's (1910-2000) only Argosy story in a short pulp career followed by distinguished service in World War II and Korea. I guess he had better things to do.

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