Wednesday, November 2, 2016


H. W. Scott makes good use of the relatively cramped space he's left to work with in this 1940 Western Story cover. The banner took over the cover at the end of 1939 for no good reason, but on this occasion it enhances the sense of oppressive weight that Scott's man and horse appear to labor under -- more so, possibly, than the sun itself would. Inside, Harry Sinclair Drago's "book-length novel" Derricks of Hate weighs in at 44 pages, so the label may be a little bit of a stretch. With Election Day imminent that year, the weekly has a thematically relevant story, "Hep's Ballot Roundup" by Glenn H. Wichman. Luke Short continues his serial Gunsmoke Graze while Kenneth Gilbert, Harry F. Olmstead and Wayne D. Overholser contribute short stories. Short and Overholser were still relative newcomers compared to the other contributors, but they're probably the ones best remembered today.

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