Sunday, January 31, 2016


Our first month ends with a Western Story from 1942. The cover design is a little more conservative than a few years earlier but that's still a nice painting by H.W. Scott. It's hard to be much more specific about the contents than "Action Stories of Fighting Courage." Top-billed Kenneth Gilbert starts a serial, Son of Storm King, this week, while the unbilled but decent L. L. Foreman wraps his serial, The Renegade. Mojave Lloyd is some sort of mystery man; the Fiction Mags Index is unsure whether the name was a pseudonym or not, and it does sound a little too western to be true. Harry F. Olmsted and Johnston McCulley are among the old reliables this issue, while Tom W. Blackburn is a younger reliable whose stories I've enjoyed fairly consistently. I'm working on the complete cover-to-cover scan of Dime Western for May 1948 so I'll be short here, but come back in February for another month of pulps!

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  1. You are right about this cover by Scott. It's excellent and far better than some of his sketchier work that he did when the magazine went to the digest format.

    Thanks for the great job you are doing every day and I'll be back each morning to see what you have to say about the pulps.