Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The combination of cover and title promise eccentric goings-on in Richard Wormser's "Sewn Up," the cover story of this 1935 Detective Fiction Weekly. While I know Wormser mainly for his Argosy adventure stories about entertainment-industry animal hunter Dave McNally, he's best known generally as a detective story writer. His "Complete Short Novel" is definitely short at 31 pages, but that is a long story for DFW. The other novelettes this issue are by Maxwell Hawkins and Ray Cummings, the latter continuing his "Crimes of the Year 2000" series with "The Metal Murderer." Fireman story specialist Karl Detzer and Harold de Polo contribute short stories, while Donald Ross (aka Fred MacIsaac) and Max Brand (aka we could go on all day) continue their serials, The Eye of Isis and Murder Me! respectively. In the spirit of the season, Robert W. Sneddon writes a nonfiction piece on "The Ghouls of Edinburgh." So will the lady remember the combination before someone she might care about gets his entire sock burned off? You'll have to buy this issue somewhere, for somewhat more than a dime, to find out.

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