Thursday, October 20, 2016


Three heavy hitters highlight this 1924 Adventure. W. C. Tuttle stars with a full-length (73 pages) Hashknife Hartley novel The Dead-Line. Talbot Mundy publishes the second installment of his latest Jimgrim serial, Om. Georges Surdez only has a short story, but "The Mountaineer" may well be the highlight of the issue, as Surdez may well be Adventure's best writer. Along with these there are short stories by John Dornan, Charles Victor Fischer, Bruce Johns, Alanson Skinner and Leo Walmsley. Whether this issue is worth your while depends on how much you like Tuttle. The Hashknife stories I've read maintain a better balance between comedy and serious matter than later stuff like the Sheriff Henry series. Having Surdez and Mundy in this number makes me more willing to take a chance on Tuttle.

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  1. The Hashknife Hartley series in the 1920's was probably Tuttle's best work and definitely better than the Henry series. I enjoyed this complete novel by Tut a long time ago. By the way, this is a great cover and not your usual pirate scene!