Monday, October 17, 2016


This looks like a pretty good but probably expensive 1936 Argosy. It's most likely made expensive for the collector by Robert E. Howard's western comedy "Gents on the Lynch" and L. Ron Hubbard's "Test Pilot." These may already make the issue a good one for some readers, but if they weren't enough Eustace L. Adams starts a three-part serial, Red Chaos By Night, and Donald Barr Chidsey contributes an Nick Fisher-Eddie Savoy novelette, "Razzberries, Mex." Then there's the cover novelette by Allan Vaughan Ellston, serial installments from H. Bedford-Jones and western writer Edgar L. Cooper, and a short story by John Forbes, apparently the author's only appearance in Argosy. Whether you're a collector or a fan, it looks like you'd get good value from this issue.

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