Monday, October 10, 2016


This day in 1921 was the cover date for Adventure's conversion to a thrice-monthly pulp and the beginning of its peak period. One year later, this 1922 issue has quite a formidable lineup, at least as far as I'm concerned, and a cover that's at least in the ballpark for marking the modern Columbus Day holiday. It features five of my favorite pulp writers: Talbot Mundy with a complete Jimgrim story; Georges Surdez with "The Yellow Streak;" Leonard H. Nason with "A Can of Jam," his second pulp story; J. D. Newsom with "Bad Luck," his third; and sea-story specialist Albert Richard Wetjen with "The Courtship of Captain Driscoll, " his fourth. If that's not enough, Hugh Pendexter's in the middle of a serial and you get stories by Albert E. Apple, Max Bonter, Eugene Cunningham, Frank H. Houston and animal specialist F. St. Mars. If the cover doesn't make you seasick it looks like great reading inside.

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