Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A reminder is in order that Wild West Weekly is the more kiddie-oriented of Street & Smith's western pulps. Maybe that's why cover artist Lawrence Toney shows us this gruesome victim from behind, and not face-forward as Kid Wolf sees it. As usual, Kid Wolf author Ward M. Stevens is actually Paul S. Powers. The rest of this 1940 issue may be relatively tame, but we do get an adventure of C. William Harrison's "Devil's Deputy" -- his fifth and last appearance, and "Death By a Nose" by Mojave Lloyd. Future western editor Robert O. Erisman contributes the novelette "Gunman's Colt Reprieve," Allan R. Bosworth and Gunnison Steele add short stories, and Chuck Martin concludes the serial Texas Law. That cover is definitely above and beyond the norm for Wild West, if not most western pulps of the period, but a sort of shudder probably is appropriate for the season.

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