Thursday, March 3, 2016


Here's a 1934 Argosy that I'll soon own, since the "South Seas Novelette" mentioned in the lower left corner of the cover is a Bellow Bill Williams story. Bill is outranked this issue by Hulbert Footner's Mme. Rosika Storey, who'd been solving mysteries in Argosy since 1924 and here gets the cover spotlight poor Bill never received. By this point Storey was dividing her time between Argosy and that rarity of rarities, a slick genre magazine called Mystery. Footner ended her series in that magazine in May 1934 with "The Last Adventure With Madame Storey," but returned to work for Argosy that November. On the serial front, sci-fi pioneer Murray Leinster concludes the two-part War of the Purple Gas, while W. C. Tuttle continues Buckshot and Frederick "George Challis" Faust continues  his swashbuckling The Naked Blade. The hero's name is Ivor Kildare, and Faust clearly liked the sound of the last name, later giving it to "Max Brand's" young doctor who, for a while, was his most famous creation. Short stories by Joseph Creamer, James Stevens and John H. Thompson round out an issue I expect to enjoy.

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  1. I came across a Murray Leinster short story recently in the excellent Damon Knight-edited Science Fiction of the 30s anthology. The story was The Fifth-Dimension Catapult and a fine little story it was too. Now I'm anxious to read more of Leinster's work.