Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Having just ranted a bit about Arthur Leo Zagat and his racist Tomorrow series, I'm looking back to 1940, where see Dikar, the leader of Zagat's mountain-grown Bunch, in action against an Asafric oppressor. I'm going to refer you to a post I wrote about Zagat's "Thunder Tomorrow" last year, when this blog was still a flickering thought on my Mondo 70 movie blog. The other headline story this week is the first installment of Johnston McCulley's latest "Zorro-land" serial, The Devil's Doubloons. Borden Chase's entertaining Smooth Kyle vs. Nazis serial The Sun Sets at Five continues, while Robert Griffith and Devery Freeman contribute short stories I must confess to not remembering after one year. Pulp often is ephemeral, after all.  We remember the very good and sometimes the very bad, but the mediocre majority disintegrates in our memories faster than pulp paper itself.

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