Monday, September 26, 2016


This one's pretty lurid for a 1931 Argosy, at a time when the venerable weekly's covers were still relatively sedate looking. Cover author Frank L.Packard was a major early pulpster best known for his antihero Jimmie "the Grey Seal" Dale. This issue has no listing in the FictionMags Index, but between auction listings and the serial contents of surrounding issues we can fill the picture out a little. It includes the conclusion of Harl Vincent's sci-fi serial Red Twilight while continuing Charles Alden Seltzer's western Double Cross Ranch and Robert E. Pinkerton's The Fighting Prodigal, the tale of a "Logging War in the Wisconsin Forests." Standalone content includes stories by Jack Allman ("The Salvage of the Sagomar"), William Merriam Rouse ("Wiggle and Twist") and C. A. Freeman ("Prisoner-at-Large"). Especially noteworthy is "Seminole," a rare pulp contribution from pioneer environmentalist Marjorie Stoneman Douglas -- she published fiction regularly in The Saturday Evening Post -- who lived to be 108.

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