Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pulp Reading: ARGOSY, April 24, 1937, COMPLETE

My Labor Day weekend project was to finish an Argosy scan I started months ago, only to get distracted by other finds and projects. I scanned and uploaded the April 17 issue earlier this year, and I have the May 1 issue for future scanning. This new upload will allow collectors to read the complete two-parter by Joel Townsley Rogers, Locusts From Asia, in which a yellow-peril flying circus intervenes in the skies over the western front during World War I. It also includes what I believe to be the first appearance of Frank Richardson Pierce's popular sourdough raconteur, No-Shirt McGee. Needless to say, there are plenty of other goodies for pulp fans. My long-term goal is to have Eustace L. Adams' Revolution With Pictures complete, which will require me to get the April 10 issue. The final installment is in the May 8 issue, which is available at unz.org. For now, I hope you enjoy these 144 pages from a year when Argosy was still going strong. Download the .cbz file from the link below.

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