Sunday, September 25, 2016


Here's an unusual color scheme for a 1934 Short Stories cover that eschews the magazine's trademark red sun for a blood-red background to a sharply contrasting black and white image of a frightened man. It heralds a "complete novel" (50 pages) by Walter C. Brown, a leading pulp orientalist. The magazine goes on more familiar terrain in James B. Hendryx's latest Halfaday Creek novelette featuring Black John Smith. Some more familiar names in this issue are Berton E. Cook, Hapsburg Liebe and Robert H. Rohde. Reginald C. Barker and Edward T. Turner contribute short stories while Roy Vickers completes the serial Nothing But Diamonds. "Dan Edwards' Bunk Detail" was a nonfiction column that had been running since November 1933 and would continue through the end of 1934. It's not exactly an all-star lineup for Short Stories, though Hendryx may have been their most popular author, but that cover definitely would have gotten browsers' attention.

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