Sunday, February 28, 2016


By 1942 Street & Smith had strayed pretty far from their strikingly minimalist cover concepts of 1939. This Wild West Weekly cover, with what had become a standard white background, actually looks rather primitive. The focus on series characters remains consistent, of course. Kid Wolf had been kicking around since 1929, while James P. Webb's Blacky Solone was a more recent invention, dating back only to 1940. Of the other authors I know Gunnison Steele, a near-omnipresent writer of this era, and I recognize Rod Patterson's name without really having an impression of him yet. The most intriguing title this issue is Harvey Maddux's "Canteen of Death" while Patterson's "Crimson Wool and Other Green Hides" borders on the inscrutable for someone like me who remains a relative greenhorn.

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