Friday, February 12, 2016


The Fiction Mags Index doesn't give us the contents of this 1938 issue of Argosy, but several booksellers do. While Argosy doesn't follow the Collier's practice of putting Abraham Lincoln on its cover on this week in February every year, you'll see that the venerable weekly honors Old Abe's birthday with a story by Richard Sale. At this time Sale was doing a lot of Civil War stories for Argosy, along with the occasional Civil War-inspired Twilight Zone-style story set in the modern day. The other novelet this week is the cover story, Richard Howell Watkins's "Salvage Tide." Edgar Rice Burroughs wraps up Carson of Venus while Luke Short continues Golden Acres, but chances are that the best thing in this issue is the Georges Surdez short story, "The Coat of M'sieu Picart." Apart from these big names, Garnett Radcliffe continues his serial, London Skies Are Falling Down, while William Chamberlain, Philip Ketchum, Robert E. Pinkerton and James Lockette Hill contribute short stories. As usual in this period, Stookie Allen draws a page or two on the subject of "Men of Daring," this week honoring "Con Colleano -- Wire Wizard." Argosy was still 144 pages every week at this point -- it would slip to 128 pages later this year -- and this issue looks like a typically thick and possibly rich package of fiction.

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