Saturday, December 31, 2016


The Calendar ends by looking forward, appropriately enough. I had a hunch that the love pulps were the ones most likely to acknowledge New Year's Eve, and this 1938 Love Story from Street & Smith proved me right. The authors are unknown today except to whatever love-pulp fans or collectors exist. As one might expect, the majority of contributors are women who don't have to turn their first names into initials to get published. Turnabout is fair play, however, as Vivian Gray, author of the serial Orchids In Her Hair, turns out to be Harry Walter Anderson. This issue has not just New Year's content (at least one story and one poem) but a Christmas story, reflecting the fact that this particular number was on the stands at least a week before the cover date. The December 24 issue had plenty of Christmas content, too, of course.

This ends the Pulp Calendar, but True Pulp Fiction continues in 2017. Look for another post later today to see what I'm planning for the new year.

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