Saturday, December 24, 2016


Nothing says "Christmas Eve" like a hanging, and that's just what this 1938 Wild West Weekly promises. It only gets better once you consult the table of contents and learn that there will be "Bullets for Kid Wolf's Christmas." I fear they won't come gift-wrapped, but I suspect they'll arrive by express, if you get my drift. But leaving the hero's plight aside, Street & Smith's western pulps generally were better about including holiday motifs in their covers at this time of year than the Munsey weeklies were, even if their policy resulted in some disturbing juxtapositions. I suppose their hearts were in the right place just the same. Covers like these made readers mindful of those less fortunate at this sacred time of year. Sure, it was still the Great Depression, but at least you weren't getting hung like a stocking, and that knowledge should have put some extra spice in your gruel. Here's hoping you don't expect to be hanged in the year to come.

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