Tuesday, December 20, 2016


A. L. Ripley was Adventure's go-to guy for pirate covers. While the magazine's covers were rarely if ever illustrative during Arthur Sullivant Hoffman's editorial regime, Ripley's effort isn't entirely irrelevant, since the lead story for this 1922 issue is H. Bedford-Jones' Pirates' Gold. There's an  additional nautical touch inside, presumably, in the form of sea-story specialist Albert Richard Wetjen's story "The Unforeseen," and yet another from an unforeseen source in western specialist Alan LeMay's "Ghost Lanterns." Both Pirates' Gold and LeMay's story are included in Wildside Press's invaluable electronic Megapacks. I haven't gotten to Pirates' Gold in my own copy of the HBJ Megapack, but James Reasoner presents a concise synopsis here. Thomson Burtis, Hugh Pendexter, and F. St. Mars are among the regulars turning up this time, and Joel Townsley Rogers is along for the ride as well.

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