Thursday, February 2, 2017


A few days ago I wrote that you were almost certain to run into either Alan LeMay or Ernest Haycox in any given issue of Collier's from the 1930s. It's a rare issue like this one that gives you both authors. LeMay, who had a couple of years' seniority over Haycox at the National Weekly, continues his serial The Smoky Years, while Haycox, as if showing deference, does not contribute a western story. Fifty-fifty or Quit" is a flying story or, to be more specific, a flying romance. The other pulpsters here are Blake Cabot, who makes his  Collier's debut with "Love on Ice" after spending some years in the sports pulps, and May Edginton, author of the serial "Woman of the Family," who appeared in some Street & Smith titles back in the 1910s. On the non-fiction side there's a profile of the actor Charles Laughton by Quentin Reynolds and a critique of protectionist trade policy by Secretary of Agriculture and future Vice-President Henry A. Wallace. Check it all out at

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